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Improve the speed of your WordPress website with Quicq's handy image optimization plugin!

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Lightning Fast Load Times on Your WordPress Site

Increase your conversion rate, time on-page, and SEO scores. This handy image optimization plugin for WordPress will improve your Google Pagespeed scores in no time. Through Quicq's smart CDN, your images will be served in the smallest possible size.

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  • 25 GB data traffic
  • 100,000 optimizations
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  • 25 GB €0.5 per GB

  • 100.000 optimizations €0.0001 per optimization


  • 100 GB €0.3 per GB

  • 500.000 optimizations €0.00005 per optimization


  • 250 GB €0.25 per GB

  • 1.000.000 optimizations €0.00004 per optimization


  • Tailor-made price
  • Unlimited possibilities

Automatically Optimize Images for WordPress

Quicq serves the images of your WordPress site through a super fast CDN and optimizes the images for each browser and device. Fully automatically, the images are served to your visitors in the smallest possible way. Do you want to know how much you can save? Test your site with our tool!

With Quicq oversized images are history. The tool optimizes every image on your website for every browser and device. This way images are served to the user in the smallest possible way without loss of quality. Want to see how much MB you can save? Test your website with our website check!

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