Manage payment methods

Admin > Orders > Payment methods takes you to the page where you can manage your payment methods.

You can add a new payment method by clicking on the Add button.

You will be given the following choices:

  • Type
  • Name of the payment method
  • Default display
  • Display by language
  • Payment method enabled
  • Payment method costs


Select the type of payment method here. You can choose between iDeal, creditcard etc.

Name of the payment method

Based on the settings, give the shipping method a good name so that it is clear what the settings are for this method. You can expand this (per language) with the messaging options below.

Default display

Here you can fill in the standard text that will be shown with the payment method. This is also the fallback text if no text has been entered for a certain language. On the image below you can see which field will be used where.



Display by language

In addition to the standard messaging, you can change the name, description, and instruction for the customer per language. Which language is shown to the customer depends on the visitor's browser language.

Payment method enabled

This setting determines whether the payment method is active or not.

Payment method costs

Here you set the default payment costs for the method, this can be a fixed amount or a percentage.