Manage shipping methods

Admin > Orders > Shipping methods takes you to the page where you can manage your shipping methods.

By using the Add button, you can add a new shipping method. There you will get the following options:

  • Select a carrier
  • Select/add zone
  • Specify name
  • Default display
  • Display by language
  • Shipping method active
  • Set shipping costs
  • Define shipping options

Select a carrier

Here you can select the carrier for the selected shipping method, or create a custom method by selecting Afosto as carrier.

Select/add zone

Select the shipping zone for the new shipping method or create a new zone.

A shipping zone is a country, group of countries or a part of a country (e.g. the Wadden Islands) for which this shipping method must be available.

Specify name

Based on the settings, give the shipping method a good name so that it is clear what the settings for this method are. You can expand this (per language) with the messaging options below.

Example names:

  • Sameday Delivery
  • Pickup Point DPD
  • PostNL Pickup Point
  • PostNL Signature for Receipt
  • PostNL Signature for Receipt + ID Check

Default display

Here you can enter the standard text that will be shown with the shipping method. This is also the fallback text if no text has been entered for a particular language. On the image below, you can see which field ends up where.


Shipping method name + description

Display by language

In addition to the standard messaging, you can adjust the name, description and instructions for the customer per language. Which language is shown to the customer depends on the browser language of the visitor.

Shipping method active

This setting determines whether the shipping method is active or not.

Set shipping costs

This is where you set the standard shipping costs for the method, which can be either a fixed amount or a percentage.

Set shipping options

Based on the options you select here, we will return a subset of the methods that meet the criteria you set here from the shipping link.