How to find users in Afosto?

Internal users

Internal are users of your company. You can add a new user by clicking the add button after which you can define the name, email address, and roles of the new user.

External users

External users are users from outside your company who have access to your account. These include, for example, consultants, developers, and marketeers who help you use Afosto optimally. An external user can request access to your account through this manual.

When an external user has requested access to your account, you will find under access requests a request that you can approve or deny.

Access Requests

Here you will find a list of open access requests to your account. These are requests from external users who want access to your account. Think of users like consultants, developers, and marketeers who help you optimize the use of the different tools within Afosto for your company.

If you want to grant a partner access to your account, this partner first has to create an account with Afosto and then request access to your account via this manual.

As soon as this is done, you will see an open request under access requests which you can accept, after which the partner can access your account.