Attribute management

Attributes are the individual values that appear in a document from a source. For example, if the resource is products, then the product is "Adidas shoe green" and the attribute is "Product name".

You can add the attributes to your resource that you think will add value to your search results. So for example, do you want to be able to filter on 'Brand'? Then add the attribute brand to your dataset.

Under settings in the app you can manage attributes. Basically, you can do 3 things with this:

  • Make attribute searchable or not searchable
  • Sort searchable attributes by importance
  • Make attribute visible or not visible

Make attribute searchable or not searchable An attribute is searchable if you want it to count towards the sorting of your search results. If you want people to be able to search by product name, it should be made searchable. If you don't want people to search by short description, because you don't have enough control over what's in it, then it can be placed in the column not searchable.

In the example below, we search for the title of the film 'Shawshank'. This word is in the attribute 'Title'. As you can see, it is found.

afosto.app_instant-search_view_movies_t=5719193282412544(Macbook Screenshot) (8).png

To make an attribute not searchable, go to settings in the app environment. There you select the tab 'Attributes'. Dragging attributes from the 'Searchable' column to the 'Not searchable' column will change the searchability.

afosto.app_instant-search_view_movies_t=5719193282412544(Macbook Screenshot) (9).png

If we then go back to the overview and search for the title 'Shawshank' again, you can see that nothing is found because the attribute 'Title' is excluded.

afosto.app_instant-search_view_movies_t=5719193282412544(Macbook Screenshot) (10).png

Sort searchable attributes by importance By dragging the attributes in the searchable column you can indicate the importance of the attributes. If the attribute product name is more important than the attribute brand, you have to make sure that title is above brand.

Make attribute visible or not visible An attribute can be visible or invisible. You can indicate this by turning the eye behind the attribute on or off. If an attribute is not visible, it will not be shown in the response of the search results. Including less data in your search results means your search results will be faster.

The example below shows the source with all visible attributes.

EN - instant search - search overview source.png

To make attributes not visible go to 'Settings' in the app environment and select 'Attributes' as tab. Then click on the eye behind the attribute you want to make invisible.

EN - instant search - attributes - not visible.png

Below you can see that attributes that are not visible have disappeared from the overview.

EN - instant search - search overview without visible attributes.png