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Stop words

With the stop words setting, you can add a list of words that are ignored in searches. I.e. if 'the' is in the stop-words list, and your search contains 'the', Instant Search will ignore this word, and answer faster.

Adding a stop word list improves the speed, and the relevance, of a search.

Language Driven

Stop words are strongly related to the language in which your data is written. For example, "the" or "or" are words that are very common in the Dutch language and may be less relevant than a more specific word.

But the frequent occurrence of these words in the data makes them decisive for the calculation of the relevance of a document. This can be counterproductive. In most cases, it is more desirable to ignore the recurrence of these words and base the search results on more relevant words.

Adding stop words

To add stop words, click 'Add stop words' in the settings of the search app.

afosto.app__t=4607585555578880(Macbook Screenshot).png

The screen below will open. You can then add one or more stop words in the editor. You can also paste a list of stop words in one go.

afosto.app__t=4607585555578880(Macbook Screenshot) (1).png

After adding the stop words, they appear in the overview, where you can also remove them again using the bin icon. Click on save in the top right corner and you have added your stop words!

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