Customize images for Facebook & Instagram

In this article, we'll explain how to optimize your product images via Channable using modifying the url of the images for your Facebook and Instagram feed.

For Facebook and Instagram, recommended by Facebook to provide your product images for carousel & collection ads in the size 1024x1024 px. Quicq allows you to crop the images to any size by modifying the URL of your images.

If you combine this function with the feed rules in a program like Channable or other feed management tool, you can easily crop all your images into a certain size.

Below is explained how to do that:

Create Feed Line

In your feed management tool create a rule in your product feed to Facebook and instagram in the example we call this rule:

Productimages 1024x1024px via


Add Quicq proxy

You select the line if [image_link] is not empty then take [image_link] and replace value.

In the first field you enter the part of the URL that should be replaced by the proxy of Quicq in the example you see this for a client of Afosto, Onderdelenhuis.

This was the original value:

You replace this value with the proxy of Quicq with your personal proxy key. You can find this key in your Afosto account at:

In the Onderdelenhuisexample the key is: odh

The URL then becomes:


Customize image dimensions

Now we still need to adjust the images to the correct format (1024x1024) we do this by adding an "AND" line in which we add a value after the image url namely: ?w=1024&h=1024

With this addition we change the size of the image to 1024x1024.


Now you can save this rule and the images in this feed will be forwarded in the format 1024x1024.

Below is an example of this rule in Channable: