Sell your inbound inventory with Afosto

By entering your purchase orders into our system, we help business owners resell their inventory as quickly as possible. Even before they receive it in their warehouse! Want to see how that works? Request a demo.


Cluttered inventories and stock flows?

Does booking incoming stock cost you a lot of time and effort? This is a common problem. Many suppliers still work with outdated systems, which sometimes makes linking impossible. This often makes it a lot of work to keep track of what you ordered and when it arrives.

Get a grip on your stock with the OMS from Afosto

By creating purchase orders from your supplier in your own system you get a grip on your stock flows and you have a good overview of what you have bought and where and when you expect to get it. This enables you to make better purchasing decisions and you can offer stock that has not yet arrived in your own warehouse to customers with the expected delivery date. This ensures a higher turnover of your stock.

With our intelligent order application, we help our customers to get a grip on the various stock flows in their company. By managing both sales and purchase orders in the same system, you have a good overview of what is going out and what is coming in.

P. Bakker - Developer Afosto

Take control of your inventory

Take control of your inventory flows with Afosto's intelligent order management system and start optimizing today. Afosto's account managers are ready to help you with seamless onboarding and integration.


Afosto helps us to optimize our stock and order flows. Because we can show our customers on the web shop when our new stock will be available again during the busy periods, we need to sell 'no' much less often.

J. Popping - Founder Tuinmaak

Be ready for the future with Afosto OMS system