Manage your valuable customer data centrally

Validate and centralize your customer data with Afosto.

Manage and validate contacts and organizations

With Afosto's contacts app you manage your customer data centrally. By smart validations on e.g. address fields and VAT numbers, we make sure that the customer data is stored in your database in a correct and neat way.

A jumble of contacts?

Many companies store their customer data in many different places with no central point of control. This causes fragmentation of your data where it is difficult to find and report on the right customer data.

Centralize your contact database

Afosto uses an intelligent customer database where a distinction is made between contacts and organizations. A contact can have 1 or more organizations and vice versa. With this solution you have all your customers in 1 overview both B2C and B2B where you can see which persons belong to which organizations.

Through rigorous validation and helping users find the right data in terms of addresses, VAT numbers, and other fields, we ensure that your database is filled neatly and you do not store corrupt data.

G. Boddeus - Frontend Developer Afosto

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