Lightning-fast images without you having to do anything, how does that work? In this article, we briefly explain how it works and the benefits of fast images for your website. Quicq consists of several components, and each component has its own responsibility.

Quicq uses the global network of Google Cloud and guarantees reliable and fast hosting.

Original download

First, when calling up the image, the original is fetched. This is then stored in Quicq's storage (for up to 6 months). This way, we don't have to download the original from your server every time an image needs to be loaded.

This saves you a huge amount of data traffic and ensures your images can be loaded faster.


As described in the article about editing images via the URL, you can easily enlarge, shrink, crop, or edit an image by making adjustments to the URL. These edits are always performed first, and the output of these edits is optimized.


The most important part is the section responsible for optimizing the image. The optimization possibilities depend on the requested file and the visitor (the device being used).

Ideally, we serve all images in the modern WEBP or AVIF format. These formats are supported by most modern browsers. However, if we cannot use this for all visitors, we fall back on an optimized variant of JPG.

In many cases, we will also try to convert images stored in difficult-to-optimize formats (such as PNG or GIF) to WebP or JPG.

Caching / serving

To serve images on a large scale, with fast response times and always from a server close to your visitors, Quicq uses Google Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network). This network has been named the fastest CDN in the world multiple times: ITM (Citrix).

With a network of more than 100 data centers worldwide, there is always a server available close to your visitors; this is extremely important for serving images quickly.

Our servers are set up to automatically scale up when traffic increases; an extremely scalable solution, ready to help you grow.

Benefits of fast images for your website:

  1. Better user experience: Fast images provide a better user experience on your website because visitors don't have to wait as long for images to load.
  2. Higher conversion rate: Faster loading times can lead to a higher conversion rate because visitors are more likely to take action on a website that is fast and smooth.
  3. Improved SEO: Faster loading times and optimized images can contribute to better SEO rankings because search engines like Google consider the speed of a website as an important factor in determining rankings.
  4. Reduced server load: By using Quicq and optimizing images, the load on your server is reduced. This can lead to better performance and stability of your website.
  5. Bandwidth savings: Optimized images consume less bandwidth, which can lead to lower costs for hosting and data traffic.
  6. Better performance on mobile devices: Optimized images and faster loading times are especially important for mobile users, who often rely on slower mobile networks and limited data plans.
  7. Scalability: Quicq's solution is designed to automatically scale up when traffic increases, making your website better able to grow and handle spikes in traffic.

In short, using lightning-fast images through Quicq offers numerous benefits for your website, ranging from a better user experience and higher conversion rate to improved SEO and reduced server load. By investing in fast and optimized images, you give your website an edge over the competition and ensure a smoother experience for your visitors.