Rules Builder: Explained

The Rule Builder in Afosto's SaaS Platform: A General Explanation

The Rule Builder is an essential and versatile component of the Afosto SaaS platform. It allows you to set conditions or criteria for specific actions or events. These rules range from simple to highly advanced and can be found in multiple locations within the platform. The basis of the Rule Builder always follows the 'If-then' principle:

If {conditions} are met, then {task} is performed.

Some examples of using the Rule Builder include:

  1. Determining when a payment method should be displayed, such as between certain amounts or on a specific sales channel.
  2. Setting when a shipping method is active.
  3. Determining when a certain discount or surcharge should be applied (for example: order amount higher than 50 euros > no shipping costs).

To configure conditions, you use the selection window, where all variables from the platform can be selected. You can then link a condition to these variables. An example of this is:

If {Total Order Value} is higher than {100}, then shipping method costs 0.

You can add multiple conditions or criteria to a rule, for example:

If {Total Order Value} is higher than {100}


{Shipping Country} is not {Germany},

then shipping method costs 0.

In this example, the value 'AND' is used, meaning that both conditions must be met in order to perform the task. You can also use the value 'OR', meaning that only one of the conditions needs to be met. This makes two options possible: 'AND' and 'OR'.

The Rule Builder offers a powerful and flexible way to personalize and optimize the operation of your Afosto SaaS platform. By setting the various conditions and criteria correctly, you can fully adapt the platform to your specific needs and preferences.