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Warehouse managers save time and costs with a more efficient packing and unpacking process of their inbound and outbound shipments!


Order picking is child's play

With the order picker app from Afosto, picking orders is simple, paperless, and error-proof. By means of scanners with digital packing slips, warehouse employees are sent to the right location in your warehouse according to the ideal walking route. By digitalizing and optimizing this process with the latest software, you save a lot of time and money on your pick and pack process.

The familiar problem with growing webshops

Many growing web shops run into this problem at some point: The pick and pack process takes up too much time and therefore entails too many costs. In addition, the quality of the order picking often deteriorates when the rush increases.

Picking orders becomes fun again with Afosto

With the fulfillment application built by Afosto, picking orders becomes fun again! The app makes it easy to pick and pack multiple orders at once. The app has been optimized for use on mobile handheld scanners so that warehouse workers can work quickly, error-free and efficiently.

With our fulfillment application, we try to solve the problems that our customers encounter with picking orders as efficiently as possible through automation, with the aim of saving time and costs and also minimizing the risk of errors.

GJ v.d. Molen - Developer Afosto

Easy to install and integrate

With tools to make every part of your process easier and more efficient, and a support team ready to help you, cutting costs has never been easier!


Integrate with major carriers

Digital Packing Slip

Managing walking routes

Automatic print shipping labels & update customers

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