Explanation: Adding and Managing Instant Search Data Sources

Explanation: Adding and Managing Instant Search Data Sources

Introduction: In this system explanation, we discuss what data sources are for Instant Search and how to add and manage them. Data sources are the sources to which you can connect search engines, such as a collection of products or a collection of pages.

Go to the overview and click on 'Add Source'. At the moment, we only support CSV files or CSV feeds as the file format for the source.

Give your source a unique name and click on 'Set up CSV integration' to start setting up a CSV file or feed as a source.

In the pop-up that opens, choose an existing CSV integration or create a new one by clicking on 'New CSV Integration'.

Enter a URL or upload a file. In this guide, we use the example of 'File Upload'. Select the file on your computer and drag it to the upload area on the screen.

Wait for the file to upload and then select the delimiter (for example, a comma). Click on 'next'.

Check the overview of all your columns in the file and click on 'Add' if nothing is missing.

Select the three required fields that need to be linked to the columns from the CSV file. Make sure the 'Reference' is a unique value from your dataset. Then click on 'Add'.

If necessary, change the data type of a field or give the fields a different name/label.

After completing these steps, Instant Search will start preparing your source so it can be searched. To test the search, go back to the app environment and click on 'Instant Search' in the left menu bar. In the overview, you will see that the newly added source has become available.