Integrating Quicq WebP images on a PrestaShop site

Integrate Quicq easy and within 5 minutes into your PrestaShop and take advantage of JPEG optimization, WebP compression and global CDN delivery of your images.

Contact us if you want to use Quicq fully and also customize the format, watermark and use responsive images on your Prestashop environment.

Step 1

Create an account on if you haven't already registered.

Step 2

Log into your PrestaShop website admin.

Step 3

On the Admin bar, go to Advanced parameters > performance.


Step 4

At Media server #1, enter the Quicq domain and click save.

Step 5

Click 'Clear cache' at the top of the screen


Step 6

Check the source of your HTML page. Make sure the images have been properly delivered through the Quicq CDN.

Step 7

You can make adjustments in your template to serve responsive images