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Connect your offline and online sales channels in one ecommerce management system.

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API-First Order Engine

Connect offline and online through the Afosto headless ecommerce platform

Afosto is API first, microservices based ecommerce software. Synchronize order, stock and customer data across all your channels for a holistic view of your business.

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Case studies

How retail owners are using Afosto headless commerce

From one store retailers, up to 6 different shops, customers decrease their order processing time and have more control over their stores. Read about our customer success stories.

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Headless commerce engine and Next.js online stores

The Azalp website is powered by our headless commerce engine. We made use of the modern technology Next.js to build their website in three different languages.

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A Best-of-breed solution

Lego building meets Afosto Modular

Afosto on an API-first, microservices-based architecture. This modular system lets you build your best-of-breed solution for 
your particular situation.

Order Management

Create, receive and manage all your B2C and B2B orders in 1 dashboard.

Online store

Our in-house developers create advanced headless Next.js digital stores. 


Automate your day-to-day tasks and build and automate unique experiences

Channel Management

Deliver as-you-type results from the first keystroke.


Manage your product assets (e.g. description, images,) in one place.


Modern and advanced point of sale made for your brick and mortar store.


Print your packing slips, shipping labels and invoices automatically via our print API.

Instant Search

Deliver as-you-type results from the first keystroke.

Data Analysis

Structurally improve your business with beautiful BI dashboards.


Optimize your images to next-gen formats for increased pagespeed.


Insights and actions for individuals and organizations all centralized in one system.


Sync and transfer inventory across locations, channels, and warehouses, and purchase new inventory.

Flexible and lightning-fast

One solution, maximum flexibility

Avoid vendor lock-in with the flexible Afosto e-commerce platform. The system of the future designed for maximum flexibility.


Afosto will fit perfectly in your best-of-breed API ecosystem. Decentralize your technology infrastructure for full flexibility and maximum success.

B2B,B2C & D2C

Large or small orders. Private individuals or organizations. B2C or B2B. VAT or VAT shifting. You can manage it all in Afosto's powerful commerce engine.

Headless E-Commerce Platform

Expand your business with our power headless e-commerce platform. Choose the front-end technology you want and power it up with our extensive API’s.

State-of-the-art storefronts

Next.js, Vue.js or whatever you aspire to. We help you outperform your competitors with the latest technology available. Lightning fast and very comprehensive.

Sell everywhere

Multiple currencies, VAT regimes and languages. You shouldn’t be limited by borders. Neither should your platform. Create cutting-edge international shopping experiences.

Automate and personalize

Workflows and automation are the common thread running through all processes in Afosto. Save manpower and offer your customers a more personalized experience.

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We like to keep you informed of all developments in the market and internally. Learn more about how you can get most of Afosto’s modules and latest updates.