The WMS system of the future

Managing stock from your own warehouses and from suppliers becomes insightful and easy with Afosto WMS.

Dropshipping? No problem!

Afosto's WMS system is future-proof and scalable. This makes it suitable for every company that considers stock analysis important. The management of external and internal stocks is easy and transparent. By means of time schedules and routes, the delivery times of various items on an order become clear to you and your customers!

Stock cluttered?

Many growing companies sooner or later encounter problems with their inventory. The data is often difficult to get insight into especially in the case of multiple locations and different suppliers all with different delivery times. As a result, there is often too little stock of the fast-moving products and too much of the less popular products. A killer for your sales.

Insight into your stock flows with the WMS from Afosto

With our intelligent WMS system, you have a good insight into the stock levels of your own warehouses and those of your suppliers. Not only can you keep track of how long it takes for a product to reach the customer from your supplier via your own warehouse, but you can also make smarter purchases before your stock is exhausted. This ensures that you can generate more turnover and that you stay ahead of your competition.

With the WMS app, we try to give insight into where your stock is, what your stock flows are, and which roads your stock travels by using the latest techniques.

S. Riemersma

Developer Afosto

Easy to install and integrate WMS

Setting up the WMS is easy and intuitive. There is also an enthusiastic Afosto support team ready to help you. Saving costs has never been easier!

Afosto's WMS application gives me more insight into my stock flows and turnover rates, which enables us to make more targeted purchases and manage them better.

J. Popping