Versatile Point of Sale

Integrate your B2B and B2C platform both offline and online in 1 platform with the Afosto POS.

Flexible POS System for Retailers

Say goodbye to your outdated POS system

Many retailers are currently still using outdated or even analogue POS systems. These systems often run on outdated software which makes it difficult to link them to other systems. This results in inefficient processes, few possibilities with regard to reporting and data analysis and a lot of work with adding new products.

POS System Afosto

POS system of the future

From old-fashioned to future proof

With the Afosto POS system in the cloud, you have access to your POS anytime, anywhere. Discover the endless benefits of this modern POS system.

1 central database

The POS cash register system uses 1 database with product data, sales and customer information. Orders come in to 1 system in 1 clear overview. This seamless integration also ensures that you can handle your webshop orders in the store.

B2B & B2C

With Afosto's POS software you integrate your B2B and B2C platform both offline and online in 1 platform. By easily switching sales channels or customers with their own price lists you also serve your business customers.

Fully integrated hardware

Your hardware functions seamlessly with our POS system through a proper PIN device link. With our smart printing software you also connect all your printers to our system.

Ipad POS System

Features for ambitious retailers

Discover the endless possibilities

Our powerful point of sale system is driven by our powerful commerce engine. This means it has the same functionalities and capabilities as a web shop.

Customer-specific discount

Create price agreements or price lists for specific customers and use on your POS.

Planning Sale Ahead

On sale next week? Schedule your promotional prices and have them take effect at the right time.

Central customer history

Get an overview of the orders of all channels of your customers in 1 overview.

In-store pick-up

Because webshop and POS are in 1 system you can easily collect orders.

Print shipping labels

Print the shipping labels of your orders with our convenient shipping integrations.

Customer segments

Group your customers into segments based on purchase history, for example.

Automatic workflows

Automate your most common processes with our automatization.

B2B sales

In addition to B2C, our POS system also allows you to serve business customers.