Versatile Point of Sale

Integrate your B2B and B2C platform both offline and online in 1 platform with the Afosto POS.

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With the Afosto POS you step into a world of expanded possibilities for your B2C and B2B customers

With the Afosto POS system from the cloud, you are ready for the future! The POS application uses 1 database with product data, sales, and customer information. Orders are gathered in 1 system in 1 clear overview.

From old-fashioned to future proof

Many retailers are currently still using outdated or even analog POS systems. These systems often run on outdated software which makes it difficult to link them to other systems. This results in inefficient processes, few possibilities with regard to reporting and data analysis, and a lot of work with adding new products.

The POS system for growing businesses

With the Afosto POS app, you integrate your B2B and B2C platform both offline and online in 1 platform. The Afosto POS is a web application that can be accessed from any location at any time. Because all sales come in on the same platform you can generate custom data reports through our link with Google Data Studio.

Manage multiple locations and users

Personalized permissions per user

Cross-channel management of customers

Cross-channel management of orders

Centralized customer history

With our POS application we serve retailers in all kinds of different branches that sell both B2B and B2C. By means of short lines of communication with the customer, we do our utmost to keep optimizing the system in this rapidly changing world.

G. Boddeus - Developer Afosto

Easy installation & excellent support

Afosto's enthusiastic team is ready to help you with the onboarding, the cash register is easy to install and in no time you can start selling!


With Afosto's application we have been serving our customers for years, both in the store and online. Because the system is integrated I have all my customer and order data easily accessible.

E. Bakker - Founder

Flexibility for your marketing with our powerful pricing engine

Customer-specific discount

Product specific discount

Volume discount

Plan prices ahead

Creating and sending quotations

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