Advanced digital search for your website

Afosto Instant Search is a powerful headless search engine for your website. Instant Search is able to deliver as-you-type results from the first keystroke.

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Lightning fast website search software

Double your conversion, increase customer satisfaction and let your visitors find what they are looking for at lightning speed with Afosto Instant Search: The advanced digital search solution for website owners.

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Let your website visitors find what they are looking for

Instant Search helps website visitors find what they are looking for and allows website owners to customise the search results based on analytics. This will increase conversions, improve the customer satisfaction and reduce the burden on your help desk.

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Slow and irrelevant search results lead to fewer conversions

Are you frustrated by a slow search function and irrelevant search results on your website? A common problem for website owners is the inability to display relevant search results in a timely and clear manner. Most search solutions do not give you the possibility to adjust rankings, and when confronted with large databases they are slow and not user-friendly.

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Search as you type

With Afosto's Instant Search you get lightning-fast search results that update as you type. You are able to search through different sources with one search query. For example, you can search through pages, product catalogues and helpdesk articles with one search field for the user.

You will also be able to adapt the search results to the wishes and needs of your website visitors on the basis of big data. This will increase sales, reduce helpdesk load and improve the user experience of your site.

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Search Analytics

With handy dashboards, you know exactly what your visitors are searching for. You also have insight into what they cannot find and what they click on. With this data, you can work to improve your search settings to get the best website search software.

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