Help retailers grow by using smart and efficient solutions.

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Afosto is a SaaS platform with the aim of helping its clients by optimizing their business processes with software. By listening carefully to customers and looking for similarities in the specific problems they encounter, Afosto tries to develop generic solutions for them. This is how we want to grow together in a healthy, fun and efficient way!

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Our Story

As friends from a sports past and a shared interest in software, Tjeuke and Peter started AIM media in 2014. This abbreviation stood for Alles Is Mogelijk (everything is possible). After a few years of gaining experience with making software, Peter and Tjeuke found that many of the problems they solved often had an overlap.

They saw a shift in business and a growing demand for a solid omnichannel solution: Thus the idea for Afosto was born. What started as a solution for retailers who wanted to sell both online and offline has today grown into a pool of microservices that help retailers gain more success.

The goal of Afosto is: Help entrepreneurs grow in a healthy and responsible way by automating and optimizing the different processes they encounter.

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Our Platform

Afosto is a SaaS application that consists of various microservices with which we aim to optimize and improve processes so that we can grow healthily, efficiently, and responsibly together with our customers.

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