Self Service Kiosk Software

With Afosto's in store software, fewer customers leave the store without buying!

Sell more with a Self-Service Kiosk

With Afosto's in-store software you make it easy for your customers by offering all the products you sell online also in the store via a self service kiosk. The sale can be forwarded directly to the cash register system where the customer can checkout. The order arrives in our system at the right warehouse and there it can be packed and shipped to the customer. Would you like to know exactly how this works?

Less stock in the store

Because retailers are becoming smarter about how they manage their stock, we see that in most stores there is less and less stock. This increases the chance that the article a customer is looking for is just not in stock in that store and therefore cannot make his purchase. With Afosto's in-store software you can also sell items that are currently not in your store.

Sell all your stock through 1 screen

With Afosto's instore solution you give the customers in your store access to your entire stock. So also those of other stores and your central warehouse if you want. The customer can place his order via the screen and pay via the cash register. The order arrives at the right location and there it can be packed and shipped.