Cutting-edge headless stores

Quickly launch a new, lightning-fast headless presentation layer on our order system to enhance your customer journeys en boost revenue.

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Headless e-commerce

Step into the world of infinite opportunities and maximum flexibility

With a headless webshop, you decide what happens on your site. Say goodbye to all the limitations of traditional sites and dare to dream about the endless possibilities.

Shop is independent of back-end

With a headless webshop, you are no longer dependent on your back-end. Your webshop communicates with a CMS, PIM or Order Management through advanced APIs. You can link as many systems to it as you like, to suit your situation. Communicating through APIs gives you complete freedom in how you set up your webshop.

Perfect for B2B, B2C or D2C

By linking your new webshop to the intelligent Afosto commerce engine, you can easily create a B2C shop or a B2B portal. Our APIs deliver the right prices and information to the right site. Customers can easily log in, view orders and edit account information. As soon as they order, the order enters the Afosto order management system.

Dreaming of your own app?

Our headless shops make use of the latest technologies such as Next.js. These also make it easy to turn your site into a progressive web app (PWA). With a PWA, your customers can save your site to their phone and open it as an app. You can then use this to further optimise your omnichannel brand experience.

“With the use of our smart E-commerce solution and our knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing. Like for example the technical side of SEO we help our customers to get the most out of their webshop solutions. ”

T. Koop

Account manager Afosto

We or our partners build it for you

Realising a headless webshop does not have to be a complicated or expensive process. We can do this for you or a partner of ours can do it for you. Once your shop is headless, you can take the reins yourself and many processes become a lot easier.

Road to success | Afosto

High quality and professionalism

“Afosto's implementation team has expertise and the professionalism in the areas we needed it.”

Daniël Horn

Managing Director 123Zorgwinkel

Designed to scale


From start-up to scale-up, get started today to grow your e-commerce business with a state-of-the-art headless store

Web app instead of website

Cutting-edge technologies empower the oportunities for the stores of the future.

Lightning Fast

The new techniques provide extreme speeds by default. This greatly boosts your SEO.

Complex but not complicated

It all sounds complex, but the latest innovations will make your life a lot easier.

B2B portal

Shift VAT automatically, give customers their own prices, their own login and handle orders with thousands of items.

Multi Language & Currencies

Serve the international market easily in multiple languages and currencies.

Track conversions via server

By tracking conversions through the server, reliability is a lot higher and your ad campaigns perform better.