Get more done, in less time

With automation, you can create automated workflows. Turn manual and repetitive tasks into automated workflows and get back to doing things you love.

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Operating at scale effectively with Afosto

By looking critically at which processes take up the most time within the daily operations of our customers, we try to find the bottlenecks and come up with generic solutions for them. In this way, we are constantly optimizing and developing with the aim of being scalable and flexible for our customers.

Scale your business through automation

Bulk actions for large data sets

By using intelligent bulk actions it is easy to work with large product data sets, different price groups, stocks and product changes. By using bulk actions you can easily apply an action to a large set of products.

Bulk edit and import with batchjobs

Automation by dataflows

Setting up dataflows allows us to automatically perform desired actions based on various triggers within our applications. Want to book in your inventory from your supplier every hour? No problem! Or would you like to automatically upload a file to your supplier's ftp with each purchase order? With Afosto's data flows, it's all possible.

Automation through dataflows

Automatic printing of documents

With the app Spooler, we can control all the printers on your network from our system. This way, product labels, packing slips, shipping labels, receipts and invoices come rolling out of the right printers at the right times.

Automatic printing with Spooler