Streamline your printing processes

Spooler connects all your devices in your network via an API. This allows you to print your packing slips, shipping labels and invoices quickly and automatically. This will save you hours per week on your business processes!

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Building block for automation

With Spooler you connect the printer in your office, warehouse, or on the counter to the internet via an API. This way, your receipt printer (cash register), label printer, or regular A4 printer becomes a smart printer and can become part of all kinds of automation possibilities.

Print Robot | Spooler | Afosto

Does printing packing slips and shipping labels take too much time?

Many growing online entrepreneurs sooner or later run into this problem; printing packing slips and shipping labels has to be done manually. This takes up a lot of time and increases the chance of errors as the number of orders grows. A time-consuming and error-prone process that you, as an entrepreneur, want to optimize.

Reduce customer support, warehouse management time with Spooler

Enjoy a streamlined and automated shipping process

With Spooler's intelligent software, manually printing labels, invoices, or packing slips is a thing of the past. By hanging this intelligent hub in your network you can control all your printers wirelessly. This will save you a lot of time and money on your packing process.

Enjoy a streamlined and automated shipping process | Spooler | Afosto
“With Spooler, we have created an application that has made document printing a lot easier and faster for our customers. A simple but powerful solution that saves a lot of time.”

G. Boddeus

Developer Afosto

Start automatic printing today

Plug & Play Our team is ready to help you integrate the spooler hub into your network.

Enjoy a faster packaging process After installing Spooler, the printers on your network are automatically controlled based on webhooks, API calls or email messages.

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“With the Spooler app, we have been able to boost our productivity. We now handle many more orders per day because the prints of our packing slips and shipping labels come rolling out of the printer automatically. ”

E. Bakker