Built from the ground up to scale, innovate and unburden

the Afosto platform is suitable for scalable growth.

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Cloud native: created to exploit the benefits of the cloud

A trend of the last few years, but what use is it to you? Cloud native is more than a buzzword, it is a starting point for the development of (SaaS) software. By making use of open source standards in which software is developed in strictly isolated building blocks, new features can be developed and rolled out more quickly without compromising on reliability and accessibility.

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Extra pressure during the sale, Black Friday or around Christmas; it is precisely at those moments that you do not want to disappoint your customers. The Afosto Platform can easily scale up at these times. All parts of the system can scale up individually or as a whole. The load on each component is measured every 15 seconds; if it is too high, the component in question is automatically scaled up.

Scalable performance | Afosto

Redundancy, reinforcement on standby

Not 1 data centre but 9. Not 1 cloud provider but 3. Redundancy or redundancy to cope with incidents. The backbone of the platform runs across 3 independent data centres in the cloud (in the EU). If, within the region, one of the three data centres becomes unreachable, we automatically switch to the other two. Not only the servers, but also our software is redundantly deployed: at least one of each service is running as a backup.

Redundancy | Performance | Afosto

Development speed

Microservices and API-first. Not just a few buzzwords, they are fundamental to our development process. The combination enables us to reduce new features to simple building blocks with fast and reliable APIs. In combination with a state-of-the-art front-end development strategy, new features are born every week.

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