The number one omnichannel solution for ambitious retailers

By using micro services and smart applications, Afosto helps its clients gain an unfair advantage over their competition.

Microservices & Apps for Headless Commerce

Everything in one place

Afosto has brought together a wide range of solutions, integrations and apps under one roof with one common goal: Helping our customers be more successful. We do this by optimizing processes and making them more user-friendly.

Headless microservices for commerce

Growing companies run into a ceiling

Many growing retailers hit a ceiling at some point; the current system or systems can no longer handle the operation. Because data of products, orders, invoices and customers are stored in different places it is a tangle of systems and data.

Micro-services and apps as building blocks for Ecommerce | Afosto

The central solution for ambitious entrepreneurs

Afosto has not only the software but also the knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs who are reaching their ceiling with their current system. Our goal is to grow together with our customers to greater heights. We do this by being closely involved with the business and especially during the onboarding of a new customer to climb on top of the operation.

Centralized Connectable and Easy to use | Afosto
Our goal is to come up with generic solutions to our customers' specific problems so that we can help all of our clients to reach greater heights.”

S.L. Kah

Account Manager Afosto