Manage all your product data from 1 place with Afosto

Retailers and wholesalers save time and costs with Afosto's powerful PIM system! Manage your product -texts, -images, -prices and -specifications in one place for all your sales channels.

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The PIM for the ambitious retailer

Invest in your product data with Afosto's product catalog. Control your cash registers, instore screens, B2C and B2B webshops with the same product set and save a lot of time on management and product management with our powerful product catalog. Send your products to, Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram. With Afosto's PIM, images, prices and specifications are neatly delivered.

PIM for ambitious retailers

Product data in many different places?

A known problem for many retailers is that managing their product data takes too much time. Especially when selling on many different sites it can be a huge workload if this data is not managed in one place. You often have webshops that offer products on other channels such as, Marktplaats, Ebay and Amazon in addition to their own site.

Manage all your product data from one place

Centralize your product data with Afosto

By managing all your product data in 1 system and controlling your other channels from there, you save a lot of time and money. By being smart with your product specifications and data structures you use Afosto as a central point in your organization to manage your product data. This way you don't have to log in to different accounts and you don't have to spend time on duplicating data.

Centralized product information management
“Your product data is perhaps the most important linchpin in the web for online success. With our product management application, we try to solve the problems that our customers encounter with the management of their product data as efficiently as possible. We do this by handling data structures in a smart way and by combining adjustments on product data by means of batch jobs.”

T. Koop

Accountmanager Afosto

Easy to integrate, we help you set-up a data structure

Our account managers have extensive experience managing large numbers of products, specifications, languages, and price groups. During the onboarding, we do thorough research into what is the best data structure for your company to handle. We also help you set up a logical, pragmatic way to manage and optimize your product data for maximum success!

Easy to set up PIM system
“Thanks to Afosto's knowledge and skill, we manage our database of more than 100,000 products easily and efficiently. Partly because of this, we were able to overtake the turnover of the store in no time with our online sales through our own site and external channels!”

E. Bakker