Start developing smart apps for the retailers of the future.

With the powerful Afosto Platform you easily develop robust and real-time integrations between different sales channels. Whether it is a cash register, webshop or B2B system; Afosto is the basis of the information flow. One API for all orders.

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Documentation and SDKs

Thanks to our SDKs, you will save time and write fewer lines of code. Check our Github page for the current list of SDKs. With our extensive and accurate documentation, you'll get instant insight into the possibilities and limitations. That way, you'll build the right way in one go.

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REST & GraphQL

Integrate based on our powerful and super fast REST endpoints or aggregate data based on GraphQL. Incredibly scalable with the help of Kubernetes and Google Cloud. Our APIs handle over 100,000,000 API calls per month at a historical uptime of 99.95%.

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Real-time synchronisation: webhooks

Easily synchronise status updates, new data and changes in the platform to third parties based on webhooks. Afosto sends realtime updates to other APIs and in this way makes linking very easy. In addition, as a developer you have insight into all webhooks that Afosto has sent and you can have them sent again if necessary.

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Get easy access to the data of Afosto users without having to share passwords. By using this authentication standard, you can establish a link in no time.

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Audit logging

Extensive logging for full insight into the data that you have sent to the Afosto API and which mutations this has caused. Each request is logged in request logs, all mutations in audit logs. Possible errors are visible in the list of error logs.

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Open source

We love open source, not least because much of our software is based on it. On our Github page you will not only find tools to make it easier to start connecting with Afosto, but also our contributions to the open source community.

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