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Website owners

  • Faster loading times
  • Lower hosting costs
  • Optimised images for every device
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Longer time on page
  • Free forever plan with 25gb and 100.000 optimisations per month
  • Free 14 day trial for larger subscriptions


  • Image cropping using the url that allows you to put product feeds to instagram and facebook in the right sizes
  • Put watermarks on images
  • Blur images through the url
  • Adjust the quality of the image by means of the url
  • Cropping the image by means of the url


  • Upload images once (source) and then all formats are always available and in the future always flexible in case of changes (on the fly)
  • Upload images 1 time and then always all file types available (jpg, png, webp)
  • Less traffic/load on the web servers (only have to serve HTML)
  • Smart cropping
  • No need to install/connect a CDN yourself
  • Pay per use, no upfront costs
  • Future formats are supported

Infinite possibilities

With these options you can scale infinitely in terms of images


The newest and superior image format: 30% smaller then WebP images!


Upload your images, there is always room for your files. You can find them in the media library

Media Library

All files in one overview. We index all data so that you can find the files quickly.

Smart WebP

Quicq makes sure that it automatically switches between WebP and other formats.


A global network of over 100 data centres for fast access to your files.

Free trial

All subscriptions include a free 14-day trial period.

For your platform too

We integrate for you with every platform.

Improve your loading time

Faster loading times result in more conversions and a higher SEO ranking

Edit like a pro

The following features make large-scale image editing child's play

Smart Crop

Use SmartCrop to avoid cropping important parts of the images

Auto Quality

We prevent files from being compressed unnecessarily. No more pixelated or blurred images.


The images the way you want them. Quick and easy. Add parameters in the image's url and you're done.

Adjust dimensions

Simply adjust the original image to another suitable format and/or create multiple variants.


Place a watermark (logo or company name) over all images served.


Easily enrich your product data and find images faster with labels.

Analyse your website and find out how much you can save in a few seconds

Tools for experts

Quicq's extensive toolbox provides endless possibilities.

Routing rules

For each URL, set rules for location, security and whether it should have a watermark.

Secure URLs

Secure URLs contain additional information; a signature with an expiry date.

S3 connection

Serve files directly from a secure S3 bucket with all the benefits of Quicq.

Own domain

Of course you prefer to use your own domain. Choose a subdomain, link it to quicq and we will do the rest.

Image Quality Alert

Avoid serving images of too low quality on your website.

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