All-in-one order management

Create, receive and manage all your retail orders in 1 central location with the Afosto order management system and increase your sales.

All-in-one order management

cutting-edge order workflows

Stop managing orders, start growing your company

Avoid vendor lock-in with the flexible Afosto order management platform. The system of the future, designed for maximum flexibility and growth.

Connect all your sales channels

Receive orders from different sales channels, such as, Amazon, your own B2B webshop, B2C webshop, or one of your cash registers.

B2B quotations, orders and invoices

The system offers extensive possibilities for (international) B2B commerce. For both the creation of manual orders and a private B2B webshop portal.

Track & sync inventory real-time

Stop wasting time on telling customers that they have ordered something that is out of stock. Synchronize your inventory real-time across all channels you sell on.

Choose scalable growth

While each new channel gives your business access to new orders, keeping up with volume will be the bottleneck if you haven't laid the right foundation for scalable growth. The impact of this bottleneck has negative consequences for both your employees and your customers. Think about increased workload and negative customer experience.

Modernize your supply chain

The Afosto order management system treats the entire supply chain as an interconnected ecosystem, allowing you to automate your internal processes, from procurement, to order to fulfillment. with the Afosto OMS, you can create, manage and accept orders. Customer data and communications are stored centrally and payments can be handled in multiple currencies. The system can be linked to online marketplaces, own B2B or B2C webshops and own cash registers for physical branches.

headless order management

One solution, maximum flexibility

Our software consists of a collection of different microservices that ensure you can seamlessly put your business process into our system. Missing something? Then another system is easily hooked up.

VAT ID Check for B2B orders

Automatically verifiy VAT numbers for your B2B customers with the VIES VAT api connection.

Automatically reverse VAT on B2B orders

Do not charge VAT when it is not necessary. Our system automatically transfers VAT when allowed.

Manage every currency in the world

Our system can handle every currency in the world. Don't let country borders stop your growth.

Create advanced BI dashboards

Connect your BI software to our system to create the BI dashboard that gives you the information you need.

Automate your workflows

Create workflows with our automation engine to automate your most common tasks or to increase revenue.

Connect your accounting systems

Synchronise your sales to the accounting programme of your choice.

Integrated cash registers

Expand your account with an integrated cloud cash register for your physical shop(s).

Track your inventory

Track inventory across all your connected channels and never sell an out of stock product.

Purchase order management

Purchase what you have sold or purchase before you sell with our powerful purchase order functionality.

Multi-location management

Configure goods flows between different locations to always deliver the right product.


Scan barcodes or use RFID technology to identify items.

Advanced pricelisting

Manage multiple price lists in every currency you want. Update thousands of prices in just seconds.

Activity dashboard

Keep track of all the changes/activities in your account with the activity dashboard.