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With Afosto's application, ambitious retailers manage their product data, orders, inventories and customers from 1 central location.

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Manage all your sales, inventory and customer data from 1 system

Afosto is an application designed from different microservices that allows you to handle your orders from different channels in the same way. For example, you can handle your online B2C, B2B and orders and your offline B2B and B2C orders all through the same flow.

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Cluttered inventories and order flows?

A common problem with growing retailers is that orders come in and inventories are written off through many different channels. As a result, there are often many different flows within 1 company for the handling of an order. This results in obscure stock, inefficient use of staff and difficult reporting because the data from all these channels must be merged.

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Get insight and save time and costs with Afosto's solutions

With Afosto's intelligent order management system, all your orders are booked and processed in one central place. So you have 1 place where you manage the stocks of your various warehouses and stores where all your orders come in. This provides an overview and saves a lot of time in your order process.

Save time with the solutions of Afosto
With the WMS app, we try to give insight into where your stock is, what your stock flows are, and which roads your stock travels by using the latest techniques.

S. Riemersma

Developer Afosto