Engage your audience

Automatically group your customers into smart segments. Then engage better with them through personalized services.

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Manage and validate contacts and organizations

With Afosto's contacts app you manage your customers' data centrally. With smart validations on e.g. address fields and VAT numbers you keep your data clean.

Manage contacts & organisations in the Afosto CRM

A jumble of contacts?

Many companies do not keep a structure in storing their customer data. With our segments and labels you can make endless smart combinations to recognise your customers. These segments and labels can be automatically assigned to the customers based on configurable rules.

Segmenting contacts | Afosto CRM

Centralize your contact database

Afosto uses an intelligent customer database where a distinction is made between contacts and organizations. An organization can have 1 or more contacts. This ensures that multiple people can have access to the orders of an organization.

Centralized CRM database
Through rigorous validation and helping users find the right data in terms of addresses, VAT numbers, and other fields, we ensure that your database is filled neatly and you do not store corrupt data.

G. Boddeus

Frontend Developer Afosto