The perfect image optimizer for your website

Quicq's smart technology automatically switches between different next-gen image formats based on the visitor's device.

Quicq before after savings on image size

Experience lightning-fast loading times

Serve each image in the smallest possible file size and increase your conversion! With Afosto's image optimization tool all your images are optimised and compressed. This way all unnecessary bites are stripped from the images without loss of quality. The same image on a mobile device is made smaller than on a desktop.

Quicq pagespeed score after optimizing

Images that are too large increase loading times

A common and growing problem with our webshop customers was the optimisation of their images. This takes a lot of time and effort if you have to do it manually. Often, images from suppliers or self-created images are not optimised for the web and even if they are, usually no smaller images are used for mobile. This slows down your website's loading speed and makes it less likely to convert and be found.

Next-gen image format possible savings

Optimise your images automatically with Quicq

With Quicq oversized images are a thing of the past. Our image optimizer optimises every image on your website for every browser and every device. As a result, images are served to the user in the smallest possible way without loss of quality. Want to see how much MB you can save? Test your website with our tool!

Possible savings on mobile with quicq